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Links to wood working sites of interest





Woodnet.net  woodturningonline.com www.handplane.com  


Handtools:  www.oldtools.co.uk  http://www.holteyplanes.com/   

 The Stanley Plane Web site - definitive listing of US Stanley planes.

For turners: Nova Lathes Oneway Lathes  Robert Sorby Fred Holder American Association of Woodturners

rec.woodworking FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from the rec.woodworking usenet groupturningt.gif (20526 bytes)

http://www.woodcentral.com Includes the old Badger Pond webpages - lots of interesting stuff.

http://www.taunton.com/fw For the Fine Woodworking Magazine site

Woodworking Hazards - wood and chemical toxic hazards. (Thanks to Mervyn Wood for finding this.)

A local manufacturer of bent-wood furniture, some of which looks like the original Thonet designs

Old book from 1919 "A Course in Wood Turning" - from Project Gutenberg.

Introduction to Woodturning - introduction and spindle turning book by Brian Clifford (2002).

A summary of finishing techniques from Wikipedia.

Home Dzine - local web magazine with DIY ideas 

Electrolytic Rust Removal - good for the restoration of old tools without spoiling them. 

Saw Horse Plans - 24 plans for saw horses

U.S. Army "Fundamentals of Machine Tools"  


Pretoria Houtwerkers www.ptawoodworkers.com

East Rand Woodworking association - www.erwa.co.za

Fischer fixings South Africa - www.upat.co.za

Oval Shaker boxes - www.shakerovalbox.com

Rolly Munro  and Rolly’s tool - http://www.rollymunro.co.nz/  www.axminster.co.uk for more information – search for “Rolly

Elvex Safety Glasses - www.elvex.com/safety-readers.htm

Panda Bamboo - www.pandabamboo.co.za

Variable Speed drives  - http://cfptech.co.za/

Klingspor abrasives - www.klingspor.co.za

PP Mobler – “The Chair” - www.pp.dk

Stuart Smith Bladesmith - www.sabladesmith.co.za www.forgedknives.co.za

Morso Wood stoves www.morso.co.za

Crushgrind  Peppermill mechanisms - http://www.ideas-denmark.com/technologies/crushgrind/

Local Crushgrind sales  - www.peppermills.co.za

Hobby-X - http://www.hobby-x.co.za/

Pierre Cronje is a commercial furniture maker - http://www.pierrecronje.co.za/

Newco Power Tools - www.newcopowertools.co.za

Alexander Wildervanck furniture - www.wildervanckfurniture.co.za

Melville Koppies - www.mk.org.za


http://www.find-design.co.za/  www.pedersenlennard.co.za http://www.twakwood.co.za/


Jo Winter - www.jowinter.de

Pottery Wheels - www.dabeb.co.za



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